Good Luck for 2015




Want some good luck to help you through the year?

Find out what lucky foods to eat and display to ensure a prosperous and happy new year!

Eat more of these foods to attract more luck in your life.

The Chinese New Year is an opportunity to honor family and friends and enjoy some of China’s traditions. Some foods are considered lucky because of the similarity of their names to other words in the language, such as the fact that the Chinese word for “orange”, 橙 chéng, sounds like the world for gold, 金 jīn, or that the word for “tangerine”, 柑橘 gānjú, sounds like the word for “luck”, 运气 yùnqì. The bright orange color of the fruits also represents the metallic sheen of gold.

Lychee Fruit

Money luck: bamboo shoots; clams; oranges, tangerines and pomelos (especially with the leaves attached); potstickers and egg rolls; whole fish. The head and tail of the fish also indicate a good beginning and end to the year.

Prosperity: lotus root; dried lily buds; sea moss.

Abundance: greens and rice.

Happiness: dried bean curd.

Reunions: meatballs.

Good omens: daikon radish; sweets; lettuce.

Relationships and marriage: chicken.

Fertility: lotus seeds, and eggs for creativity as well.

Family: lychees.

Longevity: noodles and peanuts.

Wishes: shiitake mushrooms.

Lucky colors:  brown, red, purple

Lucky numbers:  2, 7

Lucky flowers:  carnations, primroses

Lucky direction:  north



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